Story of beequeen

Beautiful dark queen game to North from England.

She navigate her ship to a shore of island. 

As she step on the shore tough wind got her golden cloak.

She follows the cloak. It lies on the meddow. 

Next to gown was colony of bees. 

With care queen raise bees into small wooden box. 

Soon after bees start to die. 

Heart broken queen seeks help all over island.

In forest next to meddow she meets Tapio king of forest.

Tapio says: Without queen yuor bees will die.

Tapio king of forest offers help.

But no help comes without prise.

Heart broken queen accept the help without doubt.

Beautiful dark queen transform into beequeen with gold yellow mark on her back. 

Tapio says to queen: “ now you shall live with your  precious bees and rule them. Every fall I will come and gather honey from your wooden box. That is you price to pay.”


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